I use sunscreen……still get tanned / burn :(

Does that happen to you too?? Despite using sunscreen, you get tanned and burnt? You think your sun screen is not effective? May be the reason is something else……

  • Sunscreen application is not correct
  • We need more than just Sunscreen to stay protected
How to use sunscreen to get maximum effect?

There are few cardinal rules which has to be followed when wearing sunscreen:

1) Apply enough quantity…..a blob of sunscreen equal to the size of a rupee coin or nickel is needed to cover your face. It should not be massaged/ rubbed too deep into the skin, but applied as a coat/layer on the skin. Sunscreen should be applied on all exposed parts……including the scalp if you are bald 😛

Use lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from harmful rays as well.

2) Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out. This is the time required by sunscreens to start acting.

3) Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours if you are out in sun, and preferably earlier if you are sweating or are in water or have towel rubbed your skin. You need not wash your face before re applying, (though if you can, its good)……just dab a new coat on the existing one, but apply enough quantity again, as mentioned above.

6) What goes on skin first, sunscreen or moisturizer? If you use any skin treatment creams or moisturizer, apply them first and then gently put a coat of sunscreen on top. Don’t mix sunscreen with moisturizer or other creams….it decreases its SPF. You can also use moisturizers with SPF in it…..its as good as a sunscreen if used in right quantity. If you don’t use make up…sunscreen should be the last thing to be applied on skin.

5) If you use make up, apply sunscreen first and then you can put on your make up. Few cosmetic contains SPF in them, but we generally recommend an additional sunscreen along with these cosmetics for efficient protection.

6) Sunscreens are needed equally on a cloudy day, sunny day, summer day or winter day. The harmful UV rays reach us in the same amount, no matter how harsh or weak the sun is. Also, if you are in slow clad areas or near the beach use extra sunscreen coz the rays gets reflected from these surfaces and hit our skin again…..so we need more protection. Also the rays can enter the car window pane……we need to protect our skin even if we are inside the car!!

7) The final rule is…..please APPLY sunscreen…..get this into your routine…it will help you a long way……Don’t know which sunscreen to choose?? Read sunscreen sunscreen everywhere 

We Need to do more than just sunscreen


Sunscreen alone can’t provide you with 100% protection from sun. Poor guy(our sunscreen) needs some help from you too 🙂 Follow these easy steps to get maximum protection against UV rays

  • Try and avoid outdoor activities and excursions between 10 AM and 4 PM. This time the sun is harshest. 
  • Wear clothes that cover most parts of your body. Closely knitted/woven fabric, like cotton and linen gives more protection than a semi transparent chiffon type fabric. Also darker colors are preferable as they absorb more UV light compared to pastel colors.
  • Amazing but true……now clothes comes with UPF(ultra violet protection factor) rating like SPF. A cloth with UPF 15-50 would be good to protect you from UV rays…….so now there is one more thing to look on your clothes label….than just the price and brand 🙂 
  • If out, always seek some shade. Put on a broad rimmed hat (like a cowboy !!!) or at least sports cap or fashionable scarf or what ever to give shade to your face.
  • Use broad framed sun-glasses as well to protect your lovely eyes.
                                                        A good way to remember……..how to be sun safe                       



I guess……with these few tips you can win over the angry sun any-day. For any further help in staying sun smart, send me your queries at drarpitaskindiary@gmail.com.  

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6 thoughts on “I use sunscreen……still get tanned / burn :(

  1. Juhie

    Hi Dr! Really like your blog regarding skin concerns. I always got a tan despite applying a sun block and I could never find an answer why??. This certainly helped. Thanks 🙂

    • drarpitajain

      Dear Juhie,
      I am Glad that the blog was of some help to you!

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  4. I will surely add these tips to my routine. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Saru Singhal recently posted…The Other Side of TruthMy Profile

  5. i have been using anti-aging cream since i was in my early 20 s-i generally use laroel & some under eye cream. oil of olay creams are very affective too & not too pricey.

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