Steroid cream side effects: causation, identification and prevention

Steroid creams have always been in controversy. Most of the doctors love it but most patients don’t even want to see its name on their medical prescriptions. Over years steroid creams have somehow earned a bad reputation and that’s a sad thing to happen to a drug as good as steroid cream.

Ever wondered why steroid creams are still prescribed so largely when it has so many side effects?

Steroid cream side effects : Causation

Personally speaking, steroid creams are my favorite when it comes to treating a majority of skin diseases. The only reason for its side effect is its improper usage.Steroid creams can give amazing results for eczema and various other skin problems. In fact the results are so gratifying that people get hooked to it and use it repeatedly, against doctor’s advise. This long term and un-guided use of steroid creams causes innumerable side effects.

Steroid creams comes in various potency or strength. The milder ones are less likely to cause any evident side effect, but the potent ones,if used improperly, can cause problems. Mild creams are prescribed for children and stronger ones for adults. The stronger the creams, more are the chances of side effects.

Just giving you a few example (chemical names) of widely prescribed mild and strong steroid creams, so that you are aware of what you are using……

Mild steroid creams: Hydrocortisone, Fluticasone, Desonide

Mid-potent steroid creams: Mometasone, triamcinolone

Strong Steroid creams: Clobetasol, Betamethasone, Halobetasol


Steroid cream side effects: Identification

Steroid creams when used over a long time can cause many unwanted side effects. I have mentioned below few of the most common side effects. If you notice any of these while using steroid creams, please inform your physician

1) Steroid cream dependence: The creams are actually addictive. As mentioned above, you fall in love with these creams from day one coz they are effective and then you continue using them, beyond the prescribed time. Your skin gets used to using steroid creams.This generates dependence. As a rule with long term steroid use, when you want to stop using them, your skin problem will relapse back and you will again start using steroid creams on the same area and this vicious cycle continues.

steroid cream side effect -dependence

2) Thinning of the skin and appearance of bruise like mark where cream has been applied and very rarely stretch marks.these usually happen when very potent steroid creams are used for very long periods.

steroid cream side effect -atrophy skin


3) Flare up of your acne. People use steroid creams on their face, thinking that steroid can cure everything and make their skin beautiful. On the contrary,steroid creams can cause acne.

steroid cream side effect-acne

It should never be used to treat acne. It can improve the appearance of acne for once, but when you stop using steroid, acne can come back in a much worse way. Medically steroids are only prescribed for acne when your acne are very much inflamed, otherwise do not try steroid for acne

4) Prominence of blood vessels. If potent steroids are used for long, it can make the blood vessels very prominently visible on the skin,an entity called telengiectasia. steroid cream side effect

5) More chances of infection: Potent steroid creams when used for long, decreases the immunity of the skin which then becomes more prone to develop various infections like herpes, molluscum, folliculitis etc.

steroid cream side effect-folliculitis


Steroid cream side effect-herpes


6) Excessive growth of hair (hypertrichosis) on the treated area. Again it happens after using strong steroids over long period of time.

steroid cream side effect-hair


Steroid cream side effects: Prevention and treatment

It is very easy to prevent these unlikely side effects of steroid creams. Just follow these simple rules:

1) Never use without doctors prescription: It is a very easily available over the counter cream, especially in India and widely promoted by pharmacist because they believe that steroid is the cure for every skin disease. The common names with which these creams are available (in India and UAE) are Betnovate, Dermovate, Diprogenta, diprosalic etc. Do not use these creams without Doctor’s advise.

2) Do not use it huge amounts: We normally think that if we use excess of a medicated cream, it will cure the disease faster. But that is never the case. There is a simple tip about how much cream is enoughsteroid cream side effectOne FTU (finger tip unit) is the amount of cream which fits from the edge till the first crease of an adult index finger. This much cream is sufficient for an area as big as two full palm size of an adult’s hand. Do not exceed this amount.

3) Do not use it for period beyond doctors prescription: Doctors know what strength steroid cream should be used for what duration. Please believe in him/her. Generally a milder cream can be used for much longer than a stronger one…..a common sense, right?

4) Most of the steroid cream side effects like acne, thinning and bruising of skin, susceptibility to infections are temporary. They will reverse back once the steroid application is stopped. But effects like excessive growth of hair and telengiectasia would require laser sessions for its treatment.

5) Steroid dependence can be tackled by decreasing the exposure of steroid on the skin in a slow and calculated way. I ask the person to decrease the frequency of its usage from once or twice daily to once every alternate day and then twice a week and then stop completely. Or the other way is to replace the strong cream with a milder one first and then slowly decrease the frequency. The good thing is that this side effect is pretty much manageable.

Are you a regular steroid cream user? Do you also swear by names like betnovate and diprovate? Guess its time you give rest to your skin and save these creams for a better use in the future.



63 thoughts on “Steroid cream side effects: causation, identification and prevention

  1. Hi Dr. Arpita,

    It seems to me that steroid cream must be used responsibly like any other medicine. When I think of steroids I think of body builders. And what comes to my mind first is always negative because of its reputation. Why do steroids have such a bad reputation and are the two the same?


    • Gosh! Looks scary! Are the normal facial creams & fairness creams also so dangerous! 🙁
      Ajay Pai recently posted…True ColorsMy Profile

      • drarpitajain

        Sorry for a late reply….Nopes, the normal creams and fairness products usually do not contain steroids. So nothing to worry about them. Just use any good quality product and if you have a slightest doubt that the product is not suiting you as in if there is any redness or itching, stop using that product immediately and consult your dermatologist…Or you are most welcome to consult me too, online of course!!

        • I have been used the TENOVATE M cream for almost 8-9 months without knowing that it was a steroid, once I gotta know that it is a steroid I stopped using it now but there are severe breakouts on face, facial skin has become very sensitive, face full acne and pimples. This has made my life fully depressed. I had been to dermatologist also he suggested to use bengel cream, I tried it which made my face fully tan and black which did worse to my face so I stopped using it just after one week. I am really scared to use chemicals on my face as my skin is so sensitive. It would be helpful if you could give me some home remedies so that I feel worth happy. plz help me

          Read more: How to get rid of breakouts causing after stopped using TENOVATE M cream? – I have been used the TENOVATE M cream for almost 8-9 months without knowing that it was a steroid, once I gotta know that it is a steroid I stopped using it now but there are severe breakouts on face, facial skin has become very sensitive, face full acne and pimples. This has made my life fully depressed. I had been to dermatologist also he suggested to use bengel cream, I tried it which made my face fully tan and black which did worse to my face so I stopped using it just after one week. I am really scared to use chemicals on my face as my skin is so sensitive. It would be helpful if you could give me some home remedies so that I feel worth happy. plz help me

          • Swati

            I have also same problem because of betnovate gm creem plzz sujest some remedies that affect on your skin for your problem i think you and me suffering with same problem…

        • maria

          I was using diprovate G recommende by doctor. It give me very gud fair skin without any pimple.. Bt then I found red spot on my bread areaa so I search on Google I found this is because of diprovate G. So I consult that doctor he told me that is not because of diprovate g.. And he give me A facewash named Ahaglow. That Ahaglow facewash reduce all my red spot. Bt after sometimes I found my skin was become too dry and dark spots. Whatever facewash I use my skin becomes more and more dry. I Dont know what I do now. Is this serious?? (i had use diprovate G for 12-15 months). Ma’am can you help me?

          • drarpitajain

            Dear Harsh,
            I might not know the cause of the red spot, till I see it in person, and dryness is generally not caused by steroid creams, But in any which way use of diprovate for such long time is totally not recommended. Please meet your doc once again and share your concern with him/her. U should stop using diprovate. Dryness of face is not serious, so please dont worry

    • James

      My advice? ONLY use steroid creams if absolutely essential, and do it with the upmost caution. Do NOT underestimate these potentially life altering side effects to the skin. My doctor prescribed me clobetasol (very potent) to use on my face without warning me of ANY side effects. I had no clue about steroid creams. The doctor gives you a cream, you go away and use it, trusting that it will make you better (not cause you more/bigger problems). 2-3 weeks after stopping the cream the skin on my forehead thinned and my cheeks started sinking. And it didn’t stop. It carried on for many more weeks even though I’d discontinued use of the cream. I pray it’s temporary and my skin will return to normal though many sites suggest steroid atrophy is permanent and once the thin skins it doesn’t re-thicken (a trained nurse actually told me that too).

      • Sally


        Have you had any improvement or has the atrophy continued? Do you have redness?

  2. Hi Dr. Arpita,

    This topic is totally new for me. I guess if I keep following up your blog posts I will definitely learn new things about skin care.

    Coming to the post, oh got to know so many medical terms.

    Those side effects identification pictures are scary and prevention is a must.

    Thanks for also sharing the prevention list.

    Now I am more literate and educated about steroid creams. Thanks. 🙂

    Have a wonderful year ahead.

    Rohan Chaubey.

  3. girish

    Does mintop or minoxidil 2 percent 0.5 ml application help on scalp for hair growth on the front two corners of forhead….

  4. rahul hansraj

    I was in chennai for 4 years and then my skin started getting doctor advised me aziderm and elocon creams to be used on alternate days. i started seeing results in 4 weeks and was happy so i started using it anyways without doctors consultation and used it for about 12 months, that is when i came to know that elocon is a steroid so i stopped it abruptly and completely . Now after that my skin started blackening again so i had laser done on worked again it gave me light complexion but not as good as due to elocon initially. Currently i am in mumbai and my skin looks very bad it got blackened and i dont know what to do. should i start using steroids(elocon) again or go see doctor again and spend money all over again.

    • Hi sir what laser treatment u did

    • martin

      Plzz do not use steroid creams for fairness, initially steroid creams give good results but prolonged use of these creams causes major side effects and your skin may become TSA(topical steroid addicted)

  5. Shilpi baradia

    Hello dr.,
    Dr prescribed me dexomat cream to cure some problem facing on my face…as u said seeing its stunning result ,i became in love with this cream…..i used this cream ayear or perhaps almost two.year …..actuàlly i didnt remember exact time …how long used it…but now i m in big problem.. i have acute itching, burning & rashes…, dullness on my face.. .i cannt tolerate sun heat, warm water on face , i m feeing terrible burning on my face. I rush to docter ….he again prescribe me elo con for three months…..i used it….when i stop using…i m facing same problem… i cannt understand what to do….where to go for help…i dont want to go before any one with such infected face …dr. again prescribe me elocon cream but i dont want to use stroid any more …i want my soft , fair n spotlesss skin back. . Is it possible….what i have to do now . Pls help., pls reply fast , HELP PĹS…

    • drarpitajain

      Hi Shilpi,
      Don’t worry. you are facing the side effect of prolonged use of steroid and ironically, it can be treated by steroid only. But dont panic….use a very very mild steroid like hydrocortisone (comes with different brand names, eg cutisore or eficort). use it once daily for 2-3 weeks, then reduce to altenate days and then to once a week….i assure you, in a month or two you will be over steroids. But again, better to consult your local doc and talk to him/her about this and start this regime of treatment.

      • Prasad Pai

        Hello Arpita Ma’am,

        I have the same symptoms of what other elucon users have mentioned. Currently I am undergoing gtx serum treatment on my face and also started with application of Haluronic Acid on my face which is done by my dermatologist. There is no visible improvement till date. I have been in such a state (Darkened Face & filled with acne) since more than 5 years. I have put in large amount of money to become normal. It seems the effects are reversible.

  6. aniket

    Can I use steroid cream for hair regrowth on bald spot of my scalp.

    • drarpitajain

      Hi Aniket,
      Before using steroid, its always advisable to visit a doc. Please don’t use steroid for ANY reason without consultation. Just by our conversation, I am not able to make out what kind of bald patch you have, so I cant recommend steroid. Its better to first get a diagnosis, know if your baldness would respond to steroid and then start. All baldness do not resolve with steroids.

  7. aniket

    Madam, I have alopecia areta and currently I am taking steroid injection.

    I want to use clobetasol cream on my scalp with steroid injection, so pls suggest me your advice.

  8. Priya

    Before three months I developed an attack of acne on my face .I was in dubai and it really started when I came to I consulted a dermatologist and she suggested peeling to remove acne spots and lessen the severity of acne.I took three sessions , it lessened the occurrence but spot didn’t changed at all…dermatologist also prescribed me vitamin c serum and certain ointments to lessen the spots. I used them for about two months.I have not seen any great result.but later developed two small whitish coloured patch on my face.I have again seen a dermatologist he told it is a hypopigmentedand he prescribed me momebras one oinment for the same.I applied it for about two weeks but now I feel like I am getting more discoloured patches around that area and thin skin.
    Madam please tell me if it is a side effect of momentasone .kindly suggest me what I can do to remove this. ..please

  9. Hello mam,

    I have applied clobetasol cream on my face for 4 years daily once a day after quiting it iam getting a problem like drying, dull look under eye it is like black marks , allergic reaction to soaps ,sometimes skin hurts if I apply moisturizing cream to face ( these type of symptoms will disappear after a week like that and again they they will appear in equal interval of time ) Is there any treatment for this type of side effect please help me out mam.

    • martin

      Stop using any steroid cream as it will make the conditions worse
      Use blise face wash
      cetaphil lotion
      As the side effects of steroids gradually become less then use soap and cream conatining kojic acid 2%

  10. neha mehta

    I used fudicin-h for a month almost 6-7 times a day after burning my skin between nose and mouth during waxing. After getting threading done, some of that skin peeled off. Then I used fudicin-h for a week 6-7 times.Thats almost 5 weeks. Since I used the cream on underskin for almost a week, it turned red. I have stopped using it since a month now, but there is so much inflammation especially after I eat salt. 2 weeks back, I had some pain in my eyes. After that I got threading done, in which some skin peeled off and my underskin was red. Now its 3 weeks since I got threading but I have started experiencing pain in area above my lips since 3-4 days. I was hoping for getting threading again but theres pain.

  11. neha mehta

    Please help because I do not feel any blood circulation in that now. This wasnt the problem almost 1 week after the threading. When I had contacted the doctor almost a week back who asked me to use Nanodoxin but I dont want to use that.

    • neha mehta

      I had contacted the doctor almost a mongh back.

  12. ali

    I have some vitligo spots on my body my docter give me halovate(halobetasole) and tacroz onitement and I used it for 3months and now in that place that I used those onitment and also those place that I don’t use it it become skinn thinning now please advice my what I do

  13. Valli

    Hi madam I have used diprovate n cream for about 2years now I just stopped using it my skin is becoming black and areas around mouth is fully blackened please help me to get rid of it

  14. troubled girl

    I used betnovate-n on my face for about 8-9 months. Obviously, there developed major skin problems. From white bumps to steroid induced acne, I was ashamed to show my skin to anyone. Now I’m habitual to it, because I don’t want to feel dejected. I want it to be cured.
    My doctor has recommended me to use Desonide, which is a mild steroid. I wanted to ask, is it safe to expose my skin to yet another steroid cream?

  15. Toshi

    Plz dont use steriod at all it has many side effect. it will worsen yr will thin out n black out yr skin if u will log time.if your skin has been thined by steriod plz stop using this.It will take long time to recover.Be patience yr skin will back to normal.It may be take 4 to 5 years to recover it depend how long n how much u have used.I know it is long time but it is better than permanant.After using steriod your skin will irritate a lot n drying out.U need to use natural oil on your damaged skin n good diet will help u.steriod may me make your skin oily.Dont worry drink wheatgrass juice daily empty stomach early morning for a month.Be patience your skin will back to normal .thank you

  16. Sharda

    Hi Dr. Arpita,

    I have used betnovate-n cream for over a year coz of the amazing results it’s gave without realizing its side effects.

    Now my skins is worse, it’s been over 5 months since I have stopped using the cream but my skins is patchy, flaky, gets acne and red on the cheek area.

    Please help

    • Sally


      Have you recovered?

  17. nat

    mine is the stretch mark all over my body from my breast down to my legs I know it has nothing to do with wat u guys are saying but please if any1 has a knowledge on the remedy I beg u please call my number09050034879 cause av tried so many remedy but to no avail instead is coming out the more……I don’t know wat to do plz help me….thanks

  18. puneet sharma

    hello arpita mam … mam i am in very big problem related to excess use of steroid momate on my face for 4 months 2 years ago … because of that my skin become very thin … and dr prescribed me tacroz 0.03% with anti oxidant capsules … bt mam as my skin was so thin … tacroz was not suits me and giving burn … so after it dr gave me dosetil for 1 week and after that pacroma cream … I used it for 1 year … bt my skin is still very thin … i again started the use of tacroz 0.01% this time …and this time it was not giving any burn …and now it is the end of two years … yes my skin is not thin as compared to 2years ago bt … still it is thin … mam is there any cream better than tacroz 0.01% …so please suggest me … or if i want to consult you …where i can …. i am from chandigarh india …please mail me

    • drarpitajain

      The treatment given to you is good. give your skin some time and it should be good.

  19. Shirly Anthony

    Hello, Dr. Arpita Jain, I’m Shirly aged 27 yrs old. I have been a victim of over used steroids. I used Tenovate for quite a few years and the results were amzning. FYI, never consulted a doc before. A few years down the line, the steroid stopped working its results on my face and I apparently stopped using the same. There comes the after effects like, skin darkening, acne, acne and what not. I have consulted a Cosmologist and he advised a few creams. I have used that for a month and did not continue them either. Now I hardly use anything and it has been over 7 months and I do not see any cure to my skin darkening or Acne and my facial skin reacts to anything applied including usage of normal Soaps. I would like to meet you and continue any treatment that you suggest as it seems that you have a better knowledge about these than the one’s that I have consulted. My email address is listed below. Please do respond to me on my email and I would like to make a visit asap. Thank you.

  20. veena

    I used Skinlite Cream 6 months There was a drastic change in my skin complexion I was looking fairer than what I was actually. Suddenly I found dark circles around my eye, post which I stopped using it during which I found body texture turning darker and darker and lots of pimples on my face and making me look very weird, I am depressed, there is also hair growth on my face.
    Now i am under below medication
    1. topmetor gel
    2. clinmiskin gel
    3. Pacroma 1%
    4. TAB Minoz
    5. CAP Servitax
    6. Skin bless lie cream

  21. I am using penderm Plus becoz of fairness. It gives me best result .i am using it for 2 years and know my face is full of acne spots. Still I don’t want to leave it bcoz if once I leave it, again I will be dark in colour. Plz suggest me fairness cream so that I can leave pander plus and use that cream and no affect would be shown. Plz I want fairness very desperately

  22. xyz

    I used betnovate cream for 2 months without knowing it but I came to know now that it is a steroid so I stopped but now it is drying lot so pls tell anyone doctor we can overcome by this problem or side effects

  23. puneet sharma

    hello mam … as I discussed with you about my thin skin and I am using tacroz on it … about two years were gone … mam tacroz cream I need to appy on my skin for hardly two to three months … bt because of long term use I stopped it … since september 10 … and now it is october 12 … so mam I want to know that after how much time I ll continue the use of tacroz … mam please reply once …and tacroz well suits me only because of long term I stopped using it … and mam thankyou very much for your previous suggestion ….

  24. puneet sharma

    mam after how much time may I continue or one month is enough …

  25. puneet sharma

    hello arpita mam …firstly thankyou very much mam for your very helpful suggestion but now mam I am again in trouble since last month… and mam I need ur suggestion for urgent … mam as I discussed with you about my thin skin and I was using tacroz on it … almost two years were gone …and now mam tacroz cream I need to appy on my skin is for hardly two to three months … but because of long term use as mentioned in many sites … I stopped using it … since september 10 … and now it is october 12(one month) I am not using it … so mam please please suggest me that after how much time I ll continue the use of tacroz so it will not give any adverse effect like lymphoma etc … mam please reply once …and mam tacroz well suits me only because of long term I stopped using it … thanks mam for your priceless time and good work ….

  26. serisha

    hi mam i have been using this cream called vari betamethasone for over two years and if i don’t use for more than 2days my skin gets relly itchy red and i also break out badly just needed some info on how to stop it thanks

  27. Harish Phougat

    In 2010 our face was very bad due to acne. So i was using many types of treatment but our face is not well. My friend suggested me for using lobate and erytop. In 2011 I was used lobate with erytop mixture on the face after 4-5 month our face is clear acne was gone and also our face skin is very fair due to using lobate but I was not understand about its infections. I was used 1 and 1/2 year regularly and also i used regularly face wash. In 2013 some whiteheads was shown on our face. I was consulting a doctors but he was give me a face wash and blackness reducing cream with multivitamins tablets. but nothing was happened I was used any cream on our face whiteheads increases so I was stopped using this cream but after one week our face skin showing some blackness it is not showing fair. Again i was using only lobate cream our skin fairness comes again but i dont understand it is a side-effect of lobate some weeks later many whiteheads occured on our face and also our skin pores has blocked and our face shape changed. Our face look like 50 yr old man but in this time our age only 21 yr. and also some big whiteheads bumps occured on our face cheek .In 2015 our job interview comes but this time over face showing very bad again i was using lobate cream on our face after 4-5 days our face looks some good. after interview i was desided to leave it whether anything happened with my face skin after 4 months leave lobate our face looks bad. In 2016 i was gone PGI Hospital and after doctor advised i was using two types of cream and face wash this time result some best only 5% i have stopped it before one month i have started alovera gel made by patanjali its result some best and also i have used its activated carbon face wash. Please advised me what should i do for treat our face skin this is a humble request for all. Please save me. i have many types of medicines face washes but our skin not well.

  28. Vinay sharma

    Dear mam i am using Tenovate-Gn since last 8 years, and the cream develop N number of problem like stretch marks, on shoulders, chest, abdomen, thighs, waist, also whenever i went outside to home skin become red, madam plz help to get rid out of this cream, i started using this cream only to get desired complexion on suggestion of someone, but now i’m addicted of it, but want to avoid it, i tried to avoid it many times but post 2-3 days i feel dull complexion, itchiness, redness, dryness on my skin, plz help me plz and suggest me some good cream by which i can easily replace Tenovate GN.

    Eagerly waiting for a favorable reply.

  29. Tawny

    Hi, I have some sort of contact dermatitis but it’s not an allergic reaction according to my Dermatologist (have had a few test done a biopsy twice and then the patch test) I have had mild to severe break outs my hole life right after I got married 7yrs ago I became a solid scab from head to toe she gave me a oral and topical steroid got me cleared up quickly.. then when I had my last son he was about 2 or3 months it started on my arms and some on my legs she gave me clobatasol and I have been using it for over 2 years. And it’s still not going away (my Derm is the top in our area) she basically said can’t do nothing but give you this and see you in a year…now it on my scalp and had some in my ears and just spots all over( AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!) CALLED SHE GAVE ME THE CLOBATASOL liquid for my scalp… Can this cause hair loss????? I had supper thick hair and now it’s sooo thin but everyone says it’s healthy… And I have noticed hair growth eeerrr.. Thankfully I have an appointment with an allergist HOPEFULLY he can fix me no one else has….

  30. Sunanda V K

    Hello doctor ,
    My name is Sunanda and 35 yeas old.
    I have been using Tenovate Ointment for more than 8 yrs now as night cream on my face..
    But now,when I stop applying it even for a day or so, my face looks dull, dry & lifeless..
    Please suggest me the treatment for this or any other alternate night cream to get over these side effects so that I get my glowing face back..
    Thanks a lot doctor,

  31. Marlena Mohan

    I stupidly used dermovate on my face to control dermatitis around my eyes and ended up with large patches of de-pigmented skin. What can I do to get back the colour around my eyes?

  32. Raveendra

    I have photosensitivity to my skin predominantly at back of neck i.e near above sholders….I visited Dr and he prescribed me Mometasone Cream and told to apply only on affected part i was complying as per Dr advice and once my face exposed to strong radiations and i had sun burn just near my left eye on the same day evening i applied smallest pinch of Mometasone cream but from that moment my skin at the applied area changed colour and i am worried how to remove that scar / get back my natural skin colour in the affected part.
    kindly suggest me what to do?
    and also from that moment i stopped using that cream for sunburn. If it is very severely burt then only i use it only on back of neck.

  33. Hi Dr
    This is vicky
    I had I hung on my thighs so Dr gave me cream name candid-B which I had applied one week. But suddenly I got huge stretch mark all over thighs, I got scared and changed the Dr. Other Dr recommend me to stop that cream as it’s due to steroids in the cream which had effected my skin and tear it up.
    Now when I ask how can I get rid of it the Dr said it’s going to be life long. Now I am scared and depress due to it. I don’t feel like making love with my partner as I feel ashame of this wierd looking stretch marks. Plz suggest what can be done or any procedure.
    Vicky recently posted…Isotretinoin: Side Effects & PrecautionsMy Profile

  34. I mean I had infection on my tights.
    Vicky recently posted…Isotretinoin: Side Effects & PrecautionsMy Profile

  35. Bhavna

    Dear Doctor Arpita, thanks for being there for our help. My 12 year old daughter recently got eczema spot on her left cherk. She has been prescribed diprovate-G upon this area twice a day. The rednes and itchiness has gone but still a dark spot like excess melanin is left. Please advise

  36. Rajesh Thadigoppula

    Hi Dr.
    My daughter of 5 months old suffering from white spots on the skin. When I consulted paedetrician he prescribed HHSalic cream and adviced to use for two months. But after one week the skin appearing dark patches like sunburn. Immediately stopped the application of this cream and consulted skin specialist. She said it might be due to the side effect of mometasone steroid in that cream. She prescribed cetaphil DAM lotion for 15 days. I want to know, this side effect of steroid is irreversible or the normal skin tone can be achieved over the period. Please give your valuable suggestions in this matter.

    • drarpitajain

      I am sorry that HHsalic was used on your 5 months old daughter. usually in such small kids, we can expect the skin to come back to its original skin tone, but it might take a while. Till then, continue applying moisturizers and avoid direct sun exposure on that area.
      wishing all the goodness in the world for your daughter .

  37. Anil

    Hello Dr
    I consulted a local Dr for the problem of dandruff and he prescribed me a cream to apply on my scalp which contains betamethasone. It gave me good result and I used it whenever the problem occurred. I used the cream for a long time. When I came to know it is steroid contained I stopped using it. For the last 10 years I am not using it. But now I realized the problem. I have a medium complexion and now it turned to dark,to the whole body, low immunity, weight gain , fat deposited in abdomen and weak muscles. Did the side effects last for a long time? Dr please give me a suggestion.

  38. piyush

    Hllo dr
    I am uing desonide lotion almost 8-9 months without knowing that it was a steroid, once I gotta know that it is a steroid I stopped using it now but there are severe breakouts on face, facial skin has become very sensitive, face full acne and pimples. This has made my life fully depressed. I had been to dermatologist also he suggested to use picon cream, I tried it 2-3 months which made my face fully tan and black which did worse to my face so I stopped using it just after one week. I am really scared to use chemicals on my face as my skin is so sensitive. It would be helpful if you could give me some home remedies.

  39. chum

    Hello…. i have been using betnovate N since many years like its been 5 yrs i think….few days back i met doc for my pimples ..she suggest me photostable cream(day) and faceclin(night) but i didnt say to doc that i am using betnovate N….i used the prescribed cream and totally left betnovate N but now…my face n eyes swollen and redness …what to do please help.



  41. Divya

    I want know that the side effects of steroids cream will be reversed all these are temporary and I will have my original skin back please tell I am going in depression because of it because it is not getting ok I have used it for 6 months plZz tell me truth mam
    PlZz rely mam and how it will be cure I plZz help me mam

    • Divya

      PlZz mam reply as early as possible plZz plZz anyone I need help it’s killing me seeing my face anyone who has completely recover and got original skin back in how many days plZ reply

  42. Ria

    PlZz mam reply as early as possible plZz plZz anyone I need help it’s killing me seeing my face anyone who has completely recover and got original skin back in how many days plZ reply

  43. Divya

    PlZz mam reply as early as possible plZz plZz anyone I need help it’s killing me seeing my face anyone who has completely recover and got original skin back in how many days plZ reply

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