Are Regular Parlor Facials must for Glowing Skin

The only time I ever went for a parlor facial was before my marriage, coz everyone said that they are a must for glowing skin and I wanted to glow on my D day. But is it true? Can regular parlor facials really give you aa ever glowing skin? Lets start with the basics first.

What does parlor facials actually do?

There is no doubt that getting facials done at the parlors are a great way to relax and pamper oneself. The gentle massages and the sweet enticing aroma of the creams are sure way to de-stress. Massages are also a way to increase the blood circulation under the skin which help skin breath better and also helps skin replenish itself and get rid of toxins.

The mild exfoliation and scrubbing helps to remove the dead cells and leaves behind healthy live cells, giving the skin a glowy look and soft feel.

The loads of moisturizers and cream used for massages definitely hydrates your skin temporarily and makes it a more supple and soft.

Are there any more goodness in regular parlor facials apart from these temporary ones?

Not really. Apart from the pampering factor and a bit of exfoliation and moisturizing, there is nothing much which can be added to the “advantage” list of parlor facials.

parlor facials must for glowy skin

Is it bad if I get parlor facials done regularly? Are there any side-effects of parlor facials?

Not so bad after all. Massage, moisturization and exfoliation definitely have some good impact on your skin. But there might be few issues with parlor facials, if proper care is not taken

A) I very frequently see cases of bad allergic reaction on face, because someone tried a new facial type. There are so many varieties of facials available now a days and all of them have appealing names…gold facial, chocolate facial….who would not like these?

But, as a dermatologist I would always advise to get a small patch test done behind your ears, before venturing into a new facial type to avoid any un-expected allergic reaction.

B) At times use of very oily massage creams might lead to severe breakouts. If you have  a dry skin, then you can afford oil based cream for massage. But normal, combination or oily skin types should always opt for water based products. It would be sad that you go for a facial session for radiant skin and come back with breakouts, isn’t it?

C) Many a times, bleach and wax burn your skin and leave behind ugly marks. In such cases, please rush to a dermatologist. They know how to fix up these burns and not give you any permanent scars or marks on the face.

D) Lastly, though it might not be appropriate to list it under side effects, but the results of facials are very temporary and they do no good to your skin in long run. Frankly, it is better to invest in some long lasting procedure than the temporary ones..What say?

Procedures giving more long lasting results compared to parlor facials

There are few dermatologist done procedure, which might be costing more than regular parlor facials but which would at least give some long term improvement in your skin than regular parlor facials. Few of these are:

Diamond polishing or Microdermabrasion: Excellent tool for exfoliation and textural improvement

Microcurrent facials: Uses mild electrical stimulation to work up your facial muscles to give you that tightening and firming effect. Also provides great hydration for dry skin and oil control for oily skin.

Chemical peels: This is my favorite and worth every penny spend. It actually exfoliates, rejuvenates, and is a great tool to remove early signs of ageing, fine lines and delay the ageing process.

So, just to summarize, Parlor facials are a great way to pamper yourself and de-stress. But regular parlor facials are not a must an ever glowing skin.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with parlor facials.



One thought on “Are Regular Parlor Facials must for Glowing Skin

  1. Hi Dr. Arpita,
    In my case, I only undergo parlor facials once in a while because for me it would be harsh to the skin if it is done every day. To have a glowing skin I use natural products and even made some DIY recipes for skin care. Thank you for sharing this informative post doctor :).

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