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Drink Frequently and Differently for a Healthy Skin

I am very often asked- “If I drink 8 glasses of water will I have a glowy skin” and I invariably reply “No” There is no denying the fact that water is one of the most essential elements for our health and skin. Our skin is made up of 30-40% of water. Water keeps our skin hydrated from inside, and hydrated skin definitely looks healthy. But the big question is How much water is enough water and is water alone enough?


How much water is enough for you?

The amount of water needed by your body depends upon your body weight, environmental conditions and your activity level. A lean body would  definitely require less water than a more heavy bulky body. Also a person living in cooler regions would require less water than those living in hot tropical climates. Again, if you are exercising and sweating, your body requires more water than when you are watching TV.  

There are still no scientific studies which has been able to calculate the exact glasses of water needed. But its known that by the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1% of its total water amount. So the best advise on drinking water is never to ignore your thirst. Drink when you are thirsty. If you can drink water at frequent intervals, its great. If you are a lazy lad like me, at least drink water when you are thirsty. Its your body’s alarm, set to remind you to have water and be hydrated. 


Will over-drinking help you more?

Not really! As mentioned by Claudia “It doesn’t follow that because drinking too little water is bad for the skin, drinking above average quantities is good. It would be like saying that because a lack of food leads to malnutrition, overeating must be good for us.” Its believed that not going thirsty is the best guide to how much water you need. Another practical guide is the colour of your urine….if its clear and not dense yellow in color, it signifies that you are well hydrated.

Also important is how you drink. Its no point drinking 4 glasses of water at one go and then not drink for next 4-6 hours. Too much water at a time dilutes the blood and will only lead to more urine formation:) Instead its advisable to drink a glass of water at a time and repeat it every 1-2 hours. The idea is to drink little at time, but at regular intervals.


 Is water alone enough?

Water definitely plays an important role in maintaining a healthy skin. The water we drink, enters our circulation and brings nutrients to the skin. It also helps in flushing out the toxins and waste from our body. A good percentage of water is absorbed by our skin cells, which keeps them plump and hydrated giving a soft and supple texture to skin. Lack of water will lead to dryness and flakiness of skin. Dry skin also tends to develop wrinkles sooner than a well hydrated skin.

But our skin deteriorates because of so many factors. Most common being your genetic predisposition, sun light exposure, smoking and lack of balanced diet. Water is one of the essential tool of skin care and not the only tool 🙂 So don’t just rely on water for a healthy skin.  An overall healthy skin care routine is what gives a healthy skin.


Drinking plain water is very monotonous?


I know many people like me, who finds drinking water very boring and mundane. So, why not spice up your water…not literally though! Once in a while substitute plain water with non-calorie beverages, coconut water, lime water or add some flavors to plain water. Fresh fruit juices can be frozen as cubes and used to flavor boring water. 

Now a days we can find “super water” in supermarkets which are fortified with minerals, vitamins and flavors to suit your taste. Though plain water is almost as good as these super water, but if flavors help you drink more, go for “super water”

Count the water content of foods also

Its not that you have to fulfill all your body’s water needs through plain water or drinks only. The water content of various food we eat also counts. Fruits and veggies like Water melons, grapefruits, grapes, oranges, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce have very high water content. Healthy soups also add to our daily requirement of water. Hot and cold beverages definitely counts to add to the litres. If you are in a habit of drinking them without  added sugar…thumps up. Don’t increase your sugar intake in the name of adding fluids to your body via tea or coffee. 


So…The whole idea is don’t waste your time counting the number of glasses you drank today. Just drink frequently and drink differently….as in indulge in fruits and veggies with high water quotient also to add to your fluid intake. Finally, eat drink and be merry coz stress is the greatest enemy of skin.

For more skin related problems please write to me at drarpitaskindiary@gmail.com. I will try to give a prompt reply 🙂 




10 thoughts on “Drink Frequently and Differently for a Healthy Skin

  1. Its really helpful,,

  2. Please provide some tips on oily skin treatments

    • drarpitajain

      Dear Emily, will write about it by next week. Till then, take care

  3. Naresh

    Useful information on water intake. Let us know how good is steam or sauna bath for skin ? Wht should be the frequency ? Any precautions need to be taken ? Should the head be covered while taking steam / sauna as the myth is that head scalp gets effected immediately !!

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks Mr.Naresh. I will write about this topic soon…..

  4. Its good to know the quantity of water one should have. I am 68 and I drink no less than 15-16glasses a day. Will it have adverse effect?

    • drarpitajain

      It’s good that drink enough water. It will have no adverse effect. Just don’t drink very quickly n give some gap between them

  5. […] My favorites as usual are seasonal veggies and fruits of various colors, low GI diet, enough water and fluids and loads and loads of smiles and laughter.  The more stress you take, it reflects on your skin […]

  6. My mother always pesters me to drink water! I guess she’s right!

  7. I definitely believe that water can help us achieve a healthy skin because it keeps the skin hydrated. It’s one of the simple and natural way to take care of our skin. That’s why I make sure to drink enough water everyday not just for beauty reason but for health as well.

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