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I am Dr. Arpita, a full time dermatologist and aesthetician by education and profession and a homemaker, a mom and a wife in whatever time is left behind.  As much as I love taking care of my family, equally I love taking care of your skin and helping you understand your skin better and breathe confident in your own skin.

My staff at my clinic often complain that I talk too much to my clients and they have  a hard time reminding me that there are also others waiting. I love talking and chatting with my patients, friends and family and doing that I have realized that today everyone is too conscious about their skin and appearance. They read a lot about it on internet, magazines, newspaper and whatever they can get hold on….but at times they don’t understand the medical terms involved and at other times they are so overloaded with information that they don’t get the real take home message.

That tempted me to start this blog, so that with my 6-7 years of experience in this field, I can share some valuable medical information about skin care in a language easily understood by all and also concise enough so that you don’t get exhausted reading it.

This is my first attempt at writing a blog….Hope you like it. I would love it if you leave your heart felt comments after reading the articles coz that would help me improvise better. Looking forward to a long time, healthy and crisp discussions and fun sessions….

Dr. Arpita Jain

Always there for your skin care





Isotretinoin: Side Effects & Precautions

isotretinoin works wonders for acne, but it is not free of side effects. This article describes the most common adverse effects of isotretinoin and the precaution one should take when on isotretinoin treatment.

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Multiple tiny black dots on face: Dermatosis papulosa nigricans (DPNs)

Dermatosis papulosa Nigricans (DPNs) are those small, black, slightly raised, mole-wart kind of a thing commonly seen on the cheeks…

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My Medical Way to Amuse My Son

  I am a proud mother of a three years young curious little boy who, like any other child his…

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Steroid cream side effects: causation, identification and prevention

Steroid creams have always been in controversy. Most of the doctors love it but most patients don’t even want to…

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Plucking Grey Hair: Should you or shouldn’t you??

There are so many thoughts and sayings regarding “plucking grey hair“, going around since ages and passed on several generations…

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Are Regular Parlor Facials must for Glowing Skin

The only time I ever went for a parlor facial was before my marriage, coz everyone said that they are…

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Botox and Fillers: What’s the Difference?

I have actually come across so many people who are confused between botox and fillers. You must have heard a…

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10 Amazing Skin facts you never knew!

Let me share some amazing skin facts with you, which would put a smile across your face and make you…

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Minoxidil: A Friend Against Pattern Hair Loss

Now, that we have finished blaming our genes for our pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, lets talk…

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Pattern Hair Loss: Blame your genes

Really?…..Can you?…Should you blame your genes for your hair loss?….Well for a particular type of hair loss you definitely can….That’s…

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