My Medical Way to Amuse My Son


I am a proud mother of a three years young curious little boy who, like any other child his age, keeps on bombarding me with his never ending “why, what, when, how” questions. And believe me, until I give some “reasonable answer” to his weird questions, he will not stop bullying me. But then I love all his silly questions and try and answer them as rationally and reasonably as he can at his age understand.


I am a Doctor Mom and do two shifts every day. Every-time I leave for clinic, my son will get sad,would hug me tight and wont let me go.This has been happening everyday for past almost 2 years. And everyday I have to give him the same excuse that someone is really sick at hospital and they need my help to feel better. Off late, since he is more inquisitive now, once I am back from work, he showers me with questions like


          ” What had happened to your patient?”

          ” Why did it happen to him?”

          ” How can he  prevent it from happening in future again?”

           “How did you treat him”


In the beginning I gave him broad answers like the patient caught flu or he had fever or he hurt his knees. But these general stuff never satisfied him enough. He kept inquiring

          “Why did he have flu”

           “How did he hurt his knees”

           “What causes fever”


Now I was finding it difficult to tackle his curious mind. I could not give him a proper medical answer coz he wont understand that. I also did not want to give him some foolish kiddish cartoonish answer coz I did not want him to always be in a fairy tale land. I want him to grow up with rationale thinking and practical outlook.


Beside this, the other everyday problem I was facing was to teach him simple rules of living like eating veggies, washing hands regularly, being careful while crossing roads  or keeping toys in place. Being a pampered child, he would not listen to any of my commands until I gave him proper reasoning or practical demonstration about why it was necessary to do these daily chores.


One fine evening, after work when I was narrating my day’s story to my son, I realized why not make such stories which will keep him interested and also help me teach him something valuable. So here went my first story


          “The patient bumped his head because his son did not keep toys in place and the dad slipped over one of his toy cars. The patient was crying so bad. Then his son promised to keep his toys always in place”  And voila!!! since then, apart from few exceptional days, he has been keeping his toys in place out of the fear that someone might trip over his toys and get hurt.


Then I made few more stories


          “Today a small boy came to me. He left his mumma’s hand while crossing the road and ran away.  Suddenly a car coming at high speed stopped right in-front of him. Out of shock, he fell down and hurt himself.”


          “The girl never let her mom cut her nails. All the germs made their house under her nails-the brown black spot you see under the nails are their houses. They slowly started travelling up her hands to her mouth to find food there and then gave her bad tummy ache”


          “A little boy came to me with a limp. He had fallen from stairs as he was not holding the railing. due to the fall he broke a small bone coz his bones were very weak as he never drank milk. Milk gives us strong bones.”


Any many more…… In fact till date, everyday, I have to think of a patient story to tell him while I am on my way back home. He is excited to listen about my patient characters every single day and to my relief at least few stories make home in his tiny mind and he tries to implement few learning from them.


My medical profession gives me this leverage to make a fake educational patient story, just to inculcate few good and healthy habits in my little son. I am sure every mom invents such stories very often for the same reasons. But un-fortunately I have come across many parents who use illogical reasoning and un-necessary fears in order to get a work done. All I dislike is filling up young hearts with irrational ideas like


          “monsters would come”

          “police will take you away”

          “a man with bag will come and fill you in and take you away from parents”


According to me these fears should not have any place in the growing inquisitive tiny minds. One of my nephews, who was similarly treated, now says “let the police or the man or the monster take me away” coz still after so many years of scaring him, none of them has ever appeared at his doorway. 


I am not sure for how long I might keep my son interested in these stories, but as of now both of us are happy. He gets to hear a new story everyday and I try to instill some good thoughts ideas in him, in whatever little time we get to spend together.

I am sure, even you must be having some personal innovative ideas for your kids? I would love to hear from you…may be I get a new trick to broaden my son’s horizons from your ideas….. 


















17 thoughts on “My Medical Way to Amuse My Son

  1. Wow….I love this post really informative and helpful in growth of children.
    I love kids asking such questions and the way you replied are amazing. Now sending this to my social networks
    Hiidee recently posted…Essence of using Post Tags in Blog PostsMy Profile

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks A ton Hiidee for liking and sharing. It means a lot!!

  2. Wonderful post. My nephew is a question bank who has a habit of asking different questions. He is always curious about everything. If I answer one question, he confuses me with the next question. One thing I have realized that in beginning, we are full of curious thoughts. With time, our madness factor boils down to freezing point from where see things in a right or wrong maner.
    I also don’t install a fear program in my nephew. You shared your experience as MA and I can relate this post as MA-MA 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Yatin recently posted…Don’t fall into the booby trapMy Profile

    • drarpitajain

      Ha ha ha…..Your MA and MA-MA connection was really sweet. I totally agree with you that as we grow old our curiosity factor melts down and we are just trapped in the worldly affairs busy differentiating right from wrong, same like your latest post. I hope my son continues to trouble me with his questions for a long long time and I hope I can keep his innocence intact for even longer.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Arpita,

    Good to have you back and blogging once again 🙂

    I liked this little post about your son, and he’s cute at this tender age! Your post reminded me of the time when my kids were this age too. Yes, their never ending questions can get to you, and I had two of them to handle with a three year gap, so their questions ranged from all kinds and I had to take out time to answer to each one of those!

    However, I was not working while my kids were young, as I felt my foremost responsibility was to be with them till they grow up. But things change over time, and nowadays it’s a necessity. I liked your idea of telling meaningful stories to your kids, and yes, it works for them. I used to do the same, though never add the fear or negative aspects to the stories, as that can harm them on the long run. I’m sure he’d grow over this phase soon, they grow very fast, so enjoy the moments 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…14 Free Blogging Apps for Your Android Mobile PhoneMy Profile

    • I know all parents devise some or the other way to teach their kids and they all do a great job at that too.
      I know keeping scare out of kid’s mind is the best way to teach them. But I had to relate all the stories to “what happened to my patients” so I have to make it a it dramatic.
      It feels good to be back and hope I would be more active this time….Have a nice day
      Arpita recently posted…My Medical Way to Amuse My SonMy Profile

  4. Welcome Back Dr Arpita

    I couldn’t help myself from laughing. You certainly had to bring out out-of-the-box ideas to keep you son’s curious thought satisfied and to teach him morale values. A cool idea from you. Your son is cute and I can see why he is insquitive. I used to be that way too growing and I would trouble my parents with so much questions. Well they were not so patient so I had to find my answers by my own way

    Welcome back and thanks for sharing.
    ikechi recently posted…A Young Girl’s Little Cabbage Seedling Makes The Difference in a CommunityMy Profile

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks Ikechi,
      I know parenthood is one job where patience is the only virtue which helps you survive. I am sure your parents were also as patient but they let you find your own answers coz perhaps they wanted you to grow up faster 🙂 and see how their efforts have been rewarded!!

      Thanks for your patient reading

      • Exlermety helpful article, please write more.

  5. Hello, Doctor Mom, It was lovely to read this blog post of yours. Loved it. Very wise of you to ingrain such good habits in him. You have connected the dots well.

    Keep posting such good advice so we readers too can imbibe.
    AJAY PAI recently posted…The day my clock died!My Profile

    • Thanks a ton Mr.Ajay for your encouraging words. May be its your brilliant writing about everyday life which encouraged me to share a piece of my life too…Thanks once again
      Arpita recently posted…My Medical Way to Amuse My SonMy Profile

  6. Hello Dr. Arpita,
    One interesting fact is that my sisters name is also Arpita and she also wanted to be a doc.
    I wanted to connect with a doc blogger. This because i think blogging should become another way to serve people. There are many Doctors in my family and i can understand their hectic schedule. I used to told them that brand yourself and serve the globe.
    First of all congratulation for choosing such an occupation.
    This is a nice read and its my first time in your blog. The impression is quit good and i will definitely check your blog afterwards.
    -Happy Blogging.
    Piyush Ranjan recently posted…How to Increase Website Traffic without Social MediaMy Profile

    • drarpitajain

      hey Piyush,
      Thanks for going through my blog.

      All the very best for your younger sister for her ventures into the medical field….hope she becomes a great doc and a super blogger:)
      and ya, her name being Arpita is really such a surprising co-incidence.

      Hope you like my further posts and hope you can inspire few of your doc relatives to become smart bloggers like you too

      Have a nice day!

  7. Hi Arpita!

    This is really lovely way to teach your son. And he seems to be a very smart and caring boy! It is very sweet how takes your stories in and changes his behavior!

    I cannot believe there are people who tell their kids that ‘the police will take them away’. That is horrible! They should all read your lovely post.

    All the best to you and your precious son 🙂
    Ilka recently posted…What feeding a cow has to do with climate change – and kangaroos!My Profile

  8. nice post very helpful for me
    Nikhil Gupta recently posted…Fast and Furious 7 HD Movie Trailer Launched released in india 2015My Profile

  9. Yes indeed, they are so cute at that age… My kids are all grown now and they are fun to be with and have in the house for other reasons now, but I do remember this time in their lives as it was yesterday… i loved it…

    Like you, I always tried to come up with decent answers… ‘just because’, is easily said, but what good does it do, right? But sometimes you really have no clue what to answer as they ask questions you never ever thought of yourself. And you know what I started doing once in a while (not always). I sometimes just turned around and said, well what do you think? And they came up with the most amazing answers and stories themselves. I learned that those kids often have an answer ready… and then it is interesting to put your own thoughts next to theirs and open up a discussion.

    I know have16 year old son who discusses EVERYTHING hahahahaha, can be tiering… but he really thinks for himself which I think is really powerful.

    Great to hear from you!

    Linda recently posted…Facebook Advertising: How To Get Really Targeted Leads For Your BusinessMy Profile

    • drarpitajain

      That’s a pretty great idea you just gave me. Even I find myself in such situation many a times when I don’t know what to answer them. So reversing the question back on them seems like a brilliant idea. It serves both the purpose…you dont have to answerr and even better your child opens up and learn even more…Thanks for this brillaint hack.

      Its also amazing to known that your 16 years old still opens up to you. It shows how good a mom you have been to him. I dread that my son will soon stop confiding in me as he grows, coz by then he will have friends around and me being a working mom might not be able to give as much time as i should be…I think I should quit from my job and just stick to blogging..ha ha ha just joking…

      Thanks a tron Linda for stopping by and giving such a brilliant idea.

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