Botox and Fillers: What’s the Difference?

I have actually come across so many people who are confused between botox and fillers. You must have heard a lot about these but when it comes to getting yourself injected, it so happens that you don’t know what to choose. Let me very briefly tell you the difference between them and help you guide what to use when.

Botox and fillers: The basic difference

Botox is actually the brand name for a chemical called Botulinium toxin, which can paralyze any muscle. It is used to weaken those muscles of the face which cause wrinkles. Other similar brands are Dysport, Xeomin, Neurotox etc. Fillers are substances or materials which are used to fill up a line or a groove or a hollow in the skin or to add to the volume of any given part. Fillers may be made of hyaluronic acid, collagen or synthetic compounds or at times your own body fat.

Botox and Fillers: Which one for your wrinkles

Botox is always used to get rid of dynamic wrinkles. Now what is a dynamic wrinkle? When you make any expression on your face, like Smile radiantly or Frown, you move your muscles. Try doing it…When you frown, you can see vertical wrinkles forming in between your eye brows. Now stop frowning and the wrinkles are gone. Smile…. and you might see small lines appearing near your eyes, stop smiling and the lines are gone. These lines which appear when we emote and goes away when we are normal are called dynamic/active wrinkles. Few people have very expressive face, they use these expression muscles a lot, which over a period of time becomes very active and give rise to thick folds, appearing as wrinkles. These can be taken care of by botox as it can paralyze these overactive muscles. botox and fillers Fillers on the other hand is used to help you with your static wrinkles. Static or rest wrinkles/lines are those permanent lines on your face which is visible irrespective of whether you are normal or making some expressions. These are just there on your face, without any relation to expressions. These permanent lines can be temporarily filled up with the help of fillers. botox and fillers 2 botox and fillers 1

Botox and Fillers: Botox does more than wrinkle reduction

Apart from taking care of the expression wrinkles, botox can be used on the face for other reasons also: Eye brow lifting: To lift up the sunken eye brows. Jaw line reshaping: To decrease the bulk of the jaw give it a toned up look

Botox and Fillers: Fillers can do lot more for your face

Apart from taking care of wrinkles, fillers can be used for lot many types of enhancement of face: Tear trough: Filling the hollow under the eyes Lip augmentation: Adding volume to your lips Cheek augmentation: Giving you high cheek bones Nose sculpting: Giving desired shape to your nose Eye brows reshaping: Lifting up the brows

Botox and Fillers: The similarities

Both botox and fillers are great anti ageing tools. They help you get rid of wrinkles which adds to the years on your face. But the effect of both is temporary. The result of botox lasts upto 6-9 months and fillers upto 9-12 months. After then repeat injections would be required. 


Botox and fillers are two completely different products used for anti ageing. Botox takes care of dynamic lines whereas fillers are used for static ones. Besides Botox and fillers, all above 30 years of age should follow a simple anti-ageing skin care rule to have an ever glowing skin To know more about botox and fillers, write to me at drarpitaskindiary  

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  4. Good article, and I appreciate it.

  5. Thank you for this explanation about the difference between botox and fillers. My mother was talking to me about getting botox, but her wrinkles aren’t dynamic. The ones she wants to smooth over are the static wrinkles. I thought botox could do both!

  6. I’ve been doing some research on Botox and now I managed to find a good story. I did not really understand the difference between botox and filler, but now I know what the correct treatment can I do to feel better.

  7. I have read about botox and fillers on many sites, many blogs but your definition and uses are excellent. It sounds that they both are important to treat because they only do their work like you have said fillers for static lines and botox for dynamic lines. Thanks for sharing all this information with us.

    • Great diffrence about botox and fillers not just both of them but others that can be include ! Thanks for sharing

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