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Is bathing giving you a dry skin?

It must be sounding foolish to you…..You must be thinking, “How can bathing give me a dry skin?” But the reality is, not following the basic rules of bathing is the most common cause of dry skin.

Dry Skin is the result of lack of moisture in your skin. Apart from being genetic in few and being caused by some disease condition (thyroid problems, diabetes) and perhaps few medications,  the dry skin is mostly due to improper skin care habits. But there is nothing to worry. As I always say….its never too late to take care of your skin.

Simple Bathing Rules to Avoid Dry Skin
  • Hot water is bad for your skin. Always take bath in luke-warm or cold water. Hot water can strip away important oils and moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy.
  • Bathing once or twice a day is good enough. If you stay in cooler parts of the world, even skipping a day without bath would do. It is not necessary to take bath daily, unless you are sweaty, stinky or soaked in dirt 🙂
  • Contrary to the popular belief, it is not a must to use soap daily on your body. Soaps can be used on areas like armpits, genitals, hands and feet daily. On other body areas, even if you use soap on alternate days, your skin will be as clean as ever. 
  • Soaps can be used frequently if you are involved in heavy sweating activities or are covered with dirt
  • Choose soap which are mild and preferably fragrance free and laden with moisturizers.
  • Don’t use scrubs or harsh loofah too often. This can again be irritating to your skin. Hands are the best way to apply and rub soap with water.
  • Don’t dry very hard with the towel. Leaving the skin a little wet is advisable.  
  • Last but definitely not the least…apply a moisturizing lotion immediately after towel drying. Keep your moisturizer in your bathroom shelf and apply it within minutes of taking bath. This helps in sealing the moisture into the skin. This is the most important step in skin care for dry skin. 

Bathing is a very relaxing experience for all. It rejuvenates and freshens us up. Following few easy tips can make bathing more rewarding and help you have an ever healthy and smiling skin. Just don’t forget the moisturizer after bath daily 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Is bathing giving you a dry skin?

  1. Anshu

    Doc..is stem bath recommended??

  2. Anshu

    Doc is steam bath recommended?

    • drarpitajain

      Steam bath is relaxing, but should not be taken very often. Also always follow it with liberal application of moiturizers.

  3. Are there any negative impacts of showering with really hot water? How is this different, if at all, for females and males?

    I totally agree with Arjun, and the way he described the effect so simply. Indeed hot water dries up your skin and might leave you itchy and scratchy for a while. Still if you resist cold water bath, try just luke warm water. And the golden rule is to…

  4. Thanks for the useful information. Need to add your blog to bookmarks

  5. Does showering every day make the human body and skin age faster?

    Bathing everyday will no ways make you age faster, if you moisturize yourself properly after bath. The idea behind this is that after bath, especially hot bath, our skin tends to get dry coz we lose some surface oils. If we leave our skin un-moisturize…

  6. When taking a shower, is it bad for the skin to use soap every day? Should you only wash the armpits and privates?

    There is no good in using the soap daily until and unless your skin is dirty or sweaty. Using the soap on alternate days will do your skin more good than using it daily. One, soap dries the skin generally until and unless it is heavily laden with moist…

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