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< Rules of taking bath

Is bathing giving you a dry skin?

It must be sounding foolish to you…..You must be thinking, “How can bathing give me a dry skin?” But the reality is, not following the basic rules of bathing is the most common cause of dry skin. Dry Skin is the result of lack of moisture in your skin. Apart from being genetic in few…

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< Oily skin care

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin is a cause of concern for many of us. It leaves us with a oil smeared look and a shiny dull complexion, good enough to bring down our self esteem at times. Also¬†oily skin have greater chances of developing acne and open pores. But the brighter side is that people with oily skin…

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Don’t Know How to choose Sunscreen?

Today there are so many sunscreen types and brands in the market, that even the mighty Sun would be feeling uncomfortable shining. This is a very common concern faced by us all as to which sunscreen is best to use. In the following article, I have included few basic points which you can keep in…

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