10 Amazing Skin facts you never knew!

Let me share some amazing skin facts with you, which would put a smile across your face and make you say..”Really!!….Is it??…….I never knew it :)”

# Skin Facts 1: Why different races have different skin colors?

skin facts 1


The fact is almost millions of years ago, all the human race were black in color, residing in tropical regions near equator. Black skin color denotes higher concentration of melanin (black pigment) under the skin which gives protection from harmful sun rays. As people started migrating towards the cooler northern regions, the requirement of sun protection decreased and hence skin produced lesser melanin and hence white complexion. Therefore races residing in tropical climate are darker complexioned and those in cooler regions are whiter because of natural adaptation of the skin to the environmental conditions.

# Skin Facts 2: It would take  a 100 generation for a race to change its skin color

skin facts 9


If a black race shifts to a cooler climate or a white race person shifts to a tropical climate, it would take them 100 generations to change their color to adapt to the local environment. So if a black shifts to Arctic, after a 100 generation his family would be as white as snow…..

# Skin Facts 3 : Why women are fairer than men in all races?

skin fact 7


Did you notice that too?? The science behind this hypothesizes that since women need more calcium and Vit D than men to help them tide through pregnancy, lactation and menopause, they were made light skinned. Its so because light skin absorbs more sunlight than dark skin. More sunlight leads to more Vit D production and in turn more calcium absorption…. Many a times I think that nature is brilliant….What do you say??

# Skin Facts 4: Stay a little dirty to be healthy

skin fact 2


A shocker again? This is a famous “hygiene hypothesis” which says that exposure to harmless pathogens (bacteria, viruses, dust particles) in the early years of life is good for the bodies immunity. It helps in strengthening our immune system and reduces the chances of allergy and asthma. This is the reason why the incidence of asthma and allergy is on a rise in urban population compared to rural ones, cause in the cities we are more particular about our hygiene and cleanliness compared to rural population. It is also said that since we had joint families in past, there were too many children under one roof and there was a high chance of cross over infection….this made the immunity of kids robust.Now with nuclear families and lesser kids, the rate of transfer of harmless infection has decreased and hence our immunity is not as strong as older days. So let your child play with little dirt…let him soil his hands..let him mix with other kids in park….it will help him grow better both physically and mentally.

# Skin Facts 5: You have at least a 1000 bacterial species on your skin at any given time.

skin facts 8

Don’t feel dirty….we have millions of “good bacteria” residing on our skin. They are an important part of skin defense against other harmful pathogens…So let them live happily on you and they will be your faithful protector.

# Skin Facts 6: You shed off your skin every 28 days

Sounds weird??  “We never see our skin shedding”….. That’s because our skin does not change its cover in entirety like snakes but we do shed our skin cells, at least 30,000-40,000 cells every minute. Shocked?? These cells are so microscopic that its hard to see them shed but its said that much of the dust in your house is because of these dead cells. Our skin cell has a life span of 28 days, they grow, age and die in 28 days and get replaced by new cells.  So technically we have new skin every month!!

# Skin Facts 7: Like fingerprints, you have unique tongue prints too

skin facts 3

It can be a creative idea for the next James Bond Movie 🙂 Like we have a unique fingerprint, we also have unique tongue print Did you know there are few families in the world, whose members don’t have fingerprints at all….they have a condition called adermatoglyphia. Till 2001 only 5 such families had been reported in our medical literature. They have no other disorder apart from no fingerprints….although in some other medical conditions like Naegeli’s syndrome, the fingerprints are absent, but they also have many other disorders besides fingerprint loss. Want to write a new mystery novel…go for this idea!!

# Skin Facts 8: Can you write on your skin?

skin facts 4

I know..we all can write on our skin with pens but there are many people who can actually use any blunt tip to write on their skin. This is called dermatographism. In this if we apply a little pressure with a blunt tip, the skin release some chemicals (histamines) because of which it becomes red and swollen. The reaction fades away in minutes.

# Skin Facts 9: Goose bumps are actually muscle contractions.

skin fact 5

Our hair is attached with a single muscle to the skin. Whenever we are in a very cold environment or we have some strong emotional feeling, this muscle contracts and pulls the hair which appears straight and taut.

#Skin Facts 10: Every person’s sweat is odorless

skin fact 6

The sweat in itself is odorless and colorless. The foul smell is the result of some bacteria (corynebacterium) residing on your skin. So effective cleansing of the sweaty areas with soap and water is the first step in treating bad body odor.

16 thoughts on “10 Amazing Skin facts you never knew!

  1. Durga Chhualsingh

    Amazing facts doc!! Loved the fact that we dont have to be so particular about cleaniness of small children..little dirtiness is actually helping them.

    • drarpitajain

      True Durga, little bit of dirt is actually good to build up their immunity, but ensure they wash hands before eating 🙂

  2. Anshu

    How does the fairness cream work if at all any of them work?

    • drarpitajain

      Fairness creams at times do have some mild ingredients which inactivates melanocyts(cells which form melanin pigment). But these are in fairly low concentration. What actually makes them appear to work is loads of moisturizer, which gives a hydrated and plump up look on the skin. A dry skin looks more dull and dark compared to a hydrated skin. They also have some chemicals which leaves white deposit on the skin, which gives the appearance of instant fairness.
      If the cream appears to be working for you, it can be continued for a few months. But there are increased chances of breakouts and increased oiliness of skin. So keep an eye on that

  3. ravi

    Interesting facts and myth busters!!!
    Looking forward to more such wtrite ups from you.

    • drarpitajain

      Sure Ravi, Thanks !

  4. Chintan Mehta

    Amazing facts indeed. Never heard or knew about this. Thanks & keep up the good work.

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks Chintan!

  5. Amit

    Super doc! The facts are truly amazing and now it is made known to people. Would always like to read your interesting blogs…

  6. Ruchi Sinha

    Fantastic post! Truly exceptional knowledge and presentation. Especially fact no. 2. So now fair-skin-crazed have a solution, what with the IT boom 😉

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks Ruchi!

  7. Interesting skin facts! They all stumped me. It’s incredibly how intricate a skin cell can be. Plenty of people like to perform skin writing on me… This post was plenty of fun!

    • drarpitajain

      Thanks Matthew for liking the post.

  8. Hi Arpita

    Awesome Post !!!

    It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language.

    I really didn’t knew about these skin facts before.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice weekend. 😀
    Harleena Singh recently posted…HostGator Black Friday 2015 Deals – Grab Upto 75% OffMy Profile

  9. Phil Sone

    I read your article on skin color changing over 100 generations and you are completely wrong. My wife is very dark skinned Jamaican and I am white skinned Brit……..our children were very light skinned, like a white person with a light tan. My oldest married a white girl with light brown hair and their children were all as white as me. They had straight brown hair, brown eyes and no African featured whatsoever. They had no pigmentation whatsoever other than what comes from exposure to the sun. I asked a few doctors about it and they all said the same thing. It takes 2-3 generations of crossing cultures for the coloration in the skin to disappear.

  10. Hi Dr. Arpita,

    I know some of these facts but what really shocked me is #5. I never thought that bacteria could be that many on the skin. Tha’s gross, I think :). Thanks for sharing.

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